Privacy Policy


Excel Air Service Inc (henceforth to be called “we”) and our properties, including our website, take the strongest precautions in protecting the personal information of our customers (henceforth to be called “you”).
In order to provide our service to you, our website may ask for personal data to be entered online or for you to register with us.
As with all personal data received for telephone reservations, personal information entered on our website is strictly managed and protected.
Details of our privacy policy are listed below.


1.Our Policy for Protecting and Managing Your Personal Information

We take proper precautions towards the management and protection of your personal information.

Relevant security measures are taken by us to protect your personal information from loss, destruction, or falsification.
For this very purpose, we may share your personal information with selected trusted partners who also have been deemed to exercise full protection of your personal information from loss, destruction or falsification.
In addition, we execute the necessary and appropriate supervision over these partners to further ensure that your personal information is secure.

2.Personal Information Collection and Use

Our website will ask you to submit personal data (such as your name, address, and phone number) for the following:
(1) When you make a reservation for our helicopter cruising or night cruising, or when you buy a ticket
(2) When you enter to participate in one of our sponsored events
(3) When you fill in a contact form to ask about our services or businesses

There may be other times other than the instances listed above, in which we may ask for your personal information.
At that time, it will be made clear for what purpose we need this information, and the amount of information we ask from you will be minimized.
We use your personal information to provide our service to you, to send you pertinent information, or to contact you if a reason presents itself.
We also use your personal information to understand who is using our website and its circumstances, and to improve on the services of our website.

3.Management of Your Personal Data on Pages Linked to Our Website

To further provide you with information, our website lists links of other websites which may also ask for your personal data.
We do not and can not assume responsibility for the personal data you submit to other companies.

4.How We Protect Your Personal Information

When you give us personal information online, our website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect and secure your personal data from internet leaks.

5.Requests from You to Change or Correct Your Personal Data

Only the person who originally submitted the personal data may ask us to make correction, additions, or deletions to personal data in the event that handling or obtainment of the data was improper or in violation of the law.
This request should be done via the phone number or contact form listed below and may result in the suspension or termination of services.

Phone Number:098-857-7563
From outside japan +81-98-857-7563
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