About boarding


  About Baggage

♦ About Carry-on Baggage 
・ Only personal belongings can be carried into the cabin when you are on board of helicopter cruising. 
・ For customers who take heli-taxi, please confirm the Baggage Restriction Form .
・ Please set your cell-phone to "flight mode".
・If you are thinking preparing a surprise gift for your companion, please consult us in advance.
・There is the strong wind blowing down from the main rotor when boarding and disembarking, so we recommend you don't take your hats or scarf in the helicopter.

 ★ Cameras including Video cameras are only allowed to take in the helicopter as long as you follow instructions below.
・Please switch off the flash function and never use it inside the helicopter.
・Please do not take photos when boarding and disembarking.
・Please do not take photos towards the pilot and cockpit panel since it can be hindrances to safe navigation.
・Please have good manners for other passengers on board.
・Parts of places (American Base course and so on) during the flight are not permitted to take photos, please kindly understand it and cooperate with us.

 ♦ About baggage that can not be carried into cabins
 Dangerous goods are not allowed to carry on the aircraft by law.

 Notices of getting on board

♦ About the Helicopter
・Entrance of the helicopter is narrow, like the entrance of a large sightseeing bus.
・Seats in the helicopter are located in high positions, you have to climb up 2~3 stages to sit on.
・Our staffs will guide you to the helicopter in a safe way, giving a safety briefing before boarding.
・Please notice that there is no handrail.
・Windows can not be open during the flight.
・Please fasten the seat-belt during the flight.
 Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

 For pregnant mothers

There is no restriction, but we are not willing to accept them because it can cause harmful effect on pregnant people.
 If you wish to take a flight, please consult your doctor in advance.

 For customers with young children

For children under ages of 3, please let him or her be on board by sitting on the lap of a adult.
 For young children under 5 month, we do not recommend them to be on board.
 For customers who really want to do so, please consult with your family doctors before making any reservation.
 Numbers of young children being on board are limited, please talk with us in advance (Max. 3).

 Other occasions that does not fit for boarding

In addition to situations mentioned above, customers who have discomfort with their viscera, heart or breath, whose physical conditions might not fit for helicopter cruising, we recommend you to consult with your family doctors first.

 If you get the permission from the doctor beforehand and would like to make a reservation, please convey the instructions to us.

 Other Questions

Ⓠ 1. Can people with panic disorder be on board?
 Ⓐ Helicopter’s cabin is very narrow, customers who are suffered from claustrophobia, please do not take the flight.

 Ⓠ 2. Can I get on board with young children?
 Ⓐ Children over 5 months and under age of 3 can be on board by sitting on the lap of a responsible adult (at no charge).
   We do not recommend young children under 5 months to be on board, customers who want to do so, please consult with doctors by themselves before making any reservation.
   Also, numbers of young children being on board are limited (Max. 3), please do talk with us beforehand.

 Ⓠ 3. Can people who are using pacemaker be on board?
 Ⓐ The gravity may get stronger during the flight due to air turbulence and other conditions, therefore negative influences towards physical body might be caused, in this occasion please do consult with your family doctors before making any reservation.

 ★For other situation related, please do call us to confirm beforehand in order for you to have a comfortable and safe trip.