It is the helicopter that can fly freely while hovering at any spot in the sky. 

The swiftness and flexibility are the biggest advantage of helicopters.

As a subtropical resort, Okinawa is not only a treasure house of wonderful landscapes, but also a huge sea area of 400 kilometers long (from south to north) and 1,000 kilometers wide (from east and west), while embracing 160 islands.

It is by helicopter that you can take photographs from all kinds of angles by all kinds of speeds, while meeting with your various needs to catch different scenes.

News coverage

♦ Gathering materials from emergent events and accidents
♦ Collecting materials from grand event
♦ Photographic & film shoots for data collection

We can handle urgent requests from news organizations such as newspapers and TV stations.
We promise to get you to the area of breaking news as quickly as possible while giving you the best view of the news site.

Photography for CM

♦ Location hunting
♦ Transfer of personnel and materials
♦ Photographing of video & still photos

Okinawa has unique blue seas, white sand, and green islands. We offer the best angles of the scenery to see on TV and in magazines.
※ A vibration-proof pedestal is equipped on the pilot's side, allowing you to shoot dynamic video and powerful images.

Transfer of Supplies & Freight

♦ Materials carrying out and bringing in
♦ Emergent Freight Transfer

Please use our services as a transport aircraft connecting the remote islands from the main island of Okinawa.
We quickly deliver a variety of goods ranging from household goods to regional specialty products.

Aircraft Flight
Maintenance Service

♦ Aircraft Flight
♦ Aircraft Safekeeping
♦ Aircraft Maintenance

We offer general support with aircraft purchasing, application process, heliport set up, and maintenance.

Transmission Line Patrol

♦ Spot Investigation
♦ On-the-spot Transfer of Workers

Typhoon occurs very often particularly in Okinawa.
Working very well on watching over the living situation and repairing works when troublesome occurs.

Aircraft Handling

♦ Support for Domestic Aircraft Handling
♦ Support for Oversea Aircraft Handling
♦ All kinds of Application Procedures

Please entrust to us the professional work related to aircraft handling in Naha airport.
We can provide assistant not only for domestic flights of air-crafts from in and abroad, but also for entry & exit procedures.