What you should know before flying

  • Check before flying

 About Flight Confirmation

Whether the flight is taken or not, will be confirmed on the scheduled date, according to the Regulations for Safety Flight of our company.
 We will not contact you again when our flights operate on schedule. So please come to our check-in counter at your meeting time.

 ※ We will contact you as soon as possible when our flights have been cancelled due to weather conditions or other inevitable reasons.

 ♦ Check flight Confirmation
  TEL. +81(0)98-857-7563 (9:0am-5:30pm)

 ♦ In case of bad weather
 Departure time may be changed or even the flight could be canceled due to bad weather, mechanical failures and other unavoidable reasons.
 Please be aware in advance that to make sure each navigation is safe, there are also occasions that we have to suspend the navigation out of unwilling reason.
 Even on a sunny day, the flight could be suspended due to strong wind, low clouds or other reasons that could be disturbances of a safe navigation.

 If your flight is cancelled due to bad weather, please reschedule the flight date by the expiry date (within 1 month).
 The cancellation due to weather condition or other inevitable reasons doesn't incur the cancellation charge.

 Place and time

♦ Meeting place

  ① From NAHA Airport ➤ Excel Air Service Check-in Counter,NAHA Airtport Domestic Passenger Terminal Building 1F (Access)

  ② From Zamami Island or Aka Island ➤ Kerama Airport(in the island of Huka)(Access)
  ※ Route "mitsushima" in village makes a round trip to Zamami Island and Aka ilsand on 4 a day.
   Only when ships of village routes are canceled, taking off and landing on Zamami Heliport is possible.
   In this occasion, please kindly arrange transportation tools by yourself to transfer between Geruma airport and Akajima harbor.

  ③ From Tokashiki Island ➤ Tokashiki Island Helipoort
  ④ From Tonaki Island ➤ Tonaki Island Helipoort
  ⑤ From Aguni Island ➤ Aguni Airport Terminal Building

  ⑥ From Ie Island ➤ Ie Island Airport
  ⑦ From Izena Island ➤ Izena Island Airport or Heliport
  ⑧ From Iheya Island ➤ Iheya Island heliport

  ⑨ From Central of Okinawa mainland ➤ Chura Orchard Golf Club Heliport(Access)
  ⑩ From North of Okinawa mainland ➤ Bel Beach Golf Club Heliport(Access)
  ⑪ From Kanucha Resort ➤ Kanucha Resort Heliport(Access)

 ♦ Minimum required times for check-in

 ・The minimum check-in time is 40 minutes prior to the flight departure time.
 ・Please notice that departure time has about 10 minutes differences from the scheduled time due to the flight condition on that day.

  ① From NAHA Airport ➤ 40 minutes before departure time
  ② The other areas ➤ 20 minutes before departure time