Company Profile

Board of Directors
Masayuki Oshikawa  Executive Chairman
Keiji Kishida     President
Hiroshi Oikawa     Vice President
Masayuki Sohma    Vice President
Takaya Oshikawa   Director
Syunji Shimomura   Director
Yuji Shimohagihara  Auditor
June 18, 1991
Business License
Air transport and aircraft-related businesses
(Air operator's certificate, Eastern Air Zone No.268)
Paid-in Capital
Japanese Yen 100 million
Main Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking
The Bank of Okinawa
Bank of the Ryukyus
Office location
♦ Headquarters / Urayasu base
14 Chidori, Urayasu, Chiba 279-0032 Japan
Tel: +81-47-380-1111
Fax: +81-47-380-1420
Reservations for Helicopter Cruising (From out of Japan):
Tel: +81-47-380-5555
Available Mon.Tue.Wed.Fri.:11:00~19:00

♦ Okinawa branch office
150 Kagamizu, Naha, Okinawa 901-0142 Japan
(Domestic Line Passenger Terminal 1F Naha Airport)
Tel: +81-98-857-7563
Fax: +81-98-857-7564
Available:8:30~17:30 (Open365 Days)

♦ Naha base
387-2 Omine, Naha, Okinawa 901-0148 Japan
Tel: +81-98-852-0771
Fax: +81-98-852-0772

Service Item

Air transport service (Transportation and sightseeing by helicopter, The island Pick-up service)

Aerial Work Services(Aerial photography, Training of Pilots, TV News reporting)

Management of airports, heliports and related facilities

Acceptance of consignments for aircraft operation, storage and maintenance

Aircraft operation, repair and maintenance

Sale and leasing of aircraft, components, supplies and related materials

Consulting on all types of air service