About Reservation

How many days before the scheduled date can I make a reservation?

  • Please make your reservation at least one month before the scheduled boarding date.

Is it possible to embark on the helicopter without any reservation?

  • Basically we only accept customers who made reservations in advance.Please make your reservation by calling us.
    TEL. +81-98-857-7563(Japanese language only)

    There are also occasions that we accept reservations on the scheduled date if there are vacancies.

In which way can I make a reservation?

  • You can only make reservations by calling us.

    We can accept the reservation from 1 month before your preferred date.
    ♦ Please contact us for reservation by phone(+81-98-857-7563).
    You can also check the availability beforehand.

    If you have any request about the reservation, please either call us or complete the inquiry form.

Can I make cancellations after the reservation?

  • Please take a reference of the Cancellation Policy as below.

    ♦ Cancellations out of Customers’ Convenience & Requests
    We will charge certain amount of cancellation fee once customers cancel the flight out of their own convenience after the reservation being confirmed.
    · Up to 8 days before the flight date: 0%
    · From 7days before to 2 days before the flight date: 20%
    · The day before the flight date: 50%
    · On the flight date: 100%

    ♦ Navigation suspension due to bad weather and so on
    Customers can reschedule the tour within one month after the suspension. Alternatively, a refund (if you made a payment beforehand) will be issued.

 About the flight

How many people can be on board in the helicopter?

  • Our helicopters are capable to carry five passengers.
    Children under three years old are welcome to be on board by sitting on the lap of a responsible adult.

Is there any restriction for boarding?

  • Those ones who meet with the restriction clauses out of Transportation Provisions, we will refuse them to get on board.
    Please take references of the Transportation Provisions to confirm more details.

At which height will the helicopter fly?

  • In order to reduce the noise and to make sure a safe navigation, we fly higher than 1,000 feet (about 300 meters) in the sky.

Is there any timetable or so?

  • We do not set any timetable as it is not a regular flight.
    Flight schedules could be different due to different scheduled dates and specific tour courses.
    Please call us to confirm the vacancies in advance. Principally our flight time is from 10:00 to 16:30.

    Special extra fee will be charged if you would like to take the flight other than the scheduled flight time.

What should I do if my flight is cancelled due to bad weather ?

  • You may reschedule the boarding date or alternatively cancel the reservation if the navigation is suspended.
    ♦ Please contact us by phone(+81-98-857-7563).

 About boarding

Are there any items prohibited to carry in the helicopter ?

  • ♦ About Carry-on Baggage
     ・ Only personal belongings can be carried into the cabin when you are on board of helicopter cruising.
     ・ For customers who take heli-taxi, please confirm the Baggage Restriction Form .
     ・ Please set your cell-phone to "flight mode".
     ・ If you are thinking preparing a surprise gift for your companion, please consult us in advance.
     ・ There is the strong wind blowing down from the main rotor when boarding and disembarking, so we recommend you don't take your hats or scarf in the helicopter.

    ♦ About baggage that can not be carried into cabins
       Dangerous goods are not allowed to carry on the aircraft by law.

Are we allowed to take photos and videos from the helicopter ?

  • ♦ Cameras including Video cameras are only allowed to take in the helicopter as long as you follow instructions below.
     ・ Please switch off the flash function and never use it inside the helicopter.
     ・ Please do not take photos when boarding and disembarking.
     ・ Please do not take photos towards the pilot and cockpit panel since it can be hindrances to safe navigation.
     ・ Please have good manners for other passengers on board.
     ・ Parts of places (American Base course and so on) during the flight are not permitted to take photos, please kindly understand it and cooperate with us.  

How about if I would like to hand over presents in the cabin?

  • Please do call us beforehand as there are restrictions and attentions about his.

Is the noise in the cabin very loud during the flight?

  • Although there is sound out of rotations of the helicopter rotor, you can still enjoy conversations with passengers next to you.

Can I drink or eat in the cabin?

  • Drinking or eating in the cabin are absolutely not accepted, please also do not bring food or beverages into the cabin.

Is there any big shake or vibrating during the flight?

  • Helicopters are very stable aircraft, there is almost no shake even when the wind slightly gets stronger.

May I make a cancellation if I am late for the gathering time?

  • It will be treated as being canceled in this occasion, you can not get on board any more.
    Also, please be aware that you will be charged certain amount of cancellation fee in this occasion.
    Please do confirm the location and time for gathering before the boarding.

    Please make sure that you are on time and arrive before the gathering time, thanks for your cooperation.

 Other Questions

Is there have any packing area